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HillsboroughCountyCrash Report: I-4 significantly slowed by semitruck accident

Crash Report – I-4 and McIntosh Rd, Hillsborough County, FL    Report ID: 2022 Nov. 3o NCIC#: Unknown OFFICER ID#: Unknown Traffic Unit 1: Semitruck Traffic Unit 2: Unknown Occupants: Unknown Injuries/Fatalities: Unknown Vehicle Damage (If Any): Unknown Property Damage (other than vehicles): Unknown Road Surface Condition: Dry Manner of Crash Impact (Single Vehicle, Angle, Left Turn, Rear-End, Head-On, Sideswipe, U-Turn, Other, Unknown): Unknown Location of Pedestrian/Cyclist (If Any): N/A   Narrative A 5:30a.m. truck accident caused heavy traffic for early morning commuters on I-4 on Nov. 30th. No information was provided regarding the crash. Some lanes remained open, so a

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Florida Crash Report: Driver slams into stopped semi on I-75

Crash Report – I-75 near Sun City Center, FL    Report ID: 2022 Nov. 14  NCIC#: Unknown OFFICER ID#: Unknown Traffic Unit 1: Passenger Vehicle Traffic Unit 2: Semitrailer with tractor attached Occupants: Two Injuries/Fatalities: Yes Vehicle Damage (If Any): Yes Property Damage (other than vehicles): Unknown Road Surface Condition: Dry Manner of Crash Impact (Single Vehicle, Angle, Left Turn, Rear-End, Head-On, Sideswipe, U-Turn, Other, Unknown): Rear Location of Pedestrian/Cyclist (If Any): N/A Narrative On Nov. 4th, a 31 year-old driver drove into a semitrailer, killing the SUV driver. A car hauler had pulled over to the shoulder to disconnect

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Multi-vehicle crash in Hillsborough County leaves 1 dead

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL- A man was ejected from his vehicle after starting a multi-car accident on I-75 on Wednesday, Tampa Bay Times reports. The 42 year-old man who died had been driving a pickup truck and failed to stop when another pickup truck in front of him was slowing down. After ramming into the pickup truck, the 42 year-old driver crashed into the median, and was ejected from the vehicle. The truck itself flipped over after hitting the median. The truck that was hit by the 42 year-old driver was then pushed into another car’s area and that sedan crashed

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Several vehicles collide after truck spills mud onto I-75 in Brandon

BRANDON, FL – A multi-vehicle crash involving a truck occurred on the I-75 on-ramp around 8:30 am Wednesday.  Eight people were hospitalized, and one suffered severe, life-threatening injuries, WFLA reported. For reasons unknown, mud spilled from the truck and onto the interstate. As a result, the soil created a slick surface which led to several vehicles losing control of their cars and colliding with one another.  The area closed for clean up.  No further information is available.  If you and your loved ones sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else, it is pertinent to obtain a

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Two injured, one dead in crash on SR-60 in Plant City

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL – A 39-year-old woman was left dead after colliding with another vehicle in Plant City Sunday.  The collision occurred before 8 am on SR-60 West, Tampa’s The Free Press reported. What remains unclear is why the 39-year-old woman lost control of her car. However, the impact led her to drive through the median and then strike the other vehicle.  A woman and child from the other vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries.  The 39-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries and died at the scene.  No further information is available.  If you lost a loved one to a car crash

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One dead in bus, car crash in Brandon

BRANDON, FL – One died in a car-bus crash on Hickory Lake Drive and South Kings Avenue in Brandon Friday.  The collision happened around 7 am, according to WFLA. It is unclear what led to the crash initially.  No one on the bus was injured.  The crash is under investigation by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.  Were you involved in a crash where someone’s life was claimed? If so, it is important you obtain a copy of your Florida accident report as soon as possible. Instead of paying a fee for your report, you can receive one for free with

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Man, 33, dies from semi-truck vs. car crash in Lithia

LITHIA, FL – A semi-truck versus car crash on SR 674 and Katie Stanaland Road claimed a man’s life in Lithia Tuesday.  The collision happened around 6 am, WFLA reported.  A driver entered the pathway of a semi-truck and nearly collided with the vehicle.  The driver, a 33-year-old man from Wimauma, died. The truck driver was unharmed.  No additional details about Tuesday’s crash are available.  Were you or your loved ones hurt in a car accident? If so, it is crucial that you obtain a copy of your Florida accident report as soon as possible. This document can make the

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Multi-vehicle crash on I-75 in Tampa leaves one dead, several injured

TAMPA, FL – A several-vehicle crash on I-75 in Tampa injured multiple people and killed one Thursday, WFLA reported.  The collision happened before 8:30 am.  The crash began when an SUV driver lost control of their vehicle and slammed into a semi-truck. It appears both collided with a sedan and a second SUV. Then those vehicles hit two trucks.  The impact of the collision led a 26-year-old man to succumb to his injuries and die.  Several of the people from the crash suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  If you were harmed in a car wreck in the state of Florida, it is

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Pedestrian dies after getting hit by vehicle in Tampa

TAMPA, FL – A pedestrian’s life was claimed after getting hit by a car in Tampa Tuesday morning.  WFLA said the collision happened at Hillsborough Avenue and Armenia Avenue. Police have not released the pedestrian’s identity or stated the contributing factors to Tuesday’s crash.  Hillsborough Avenue and Armenia Avenue closed and have reopened since.  Whether you and your loved ones suffered minor or major injuries, it will be in your best interest to have a copy of your official Florida accident report. Your report will be used as evidence in court to identify the at-fault driver or for your insurance

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Two men injured in three-vehicle crash on I-75 in Tampa

TAMPA, FL – A Friday morning three-vehicle crash on I-75  in Tampa left two men injured, WFLA reported.  A Honda Accord slammed into a Florida Department of Transportation Road Ranger truck. The FDOT vehicle then collided with a GMC Canyon.  The driver of the GMC Canyon was unharmed. However, the Honda Accord and FDOT driver were hospitalized for injuries at Tampa General Hospital.  The FDOT driver, a 47-year-old man, sustained minor injuries, while the Accord driver suffered life-threatening injuries.  The victims’ names were unreleased, and additional details about the crash were unavailable.  A copy of your Florida accident report can

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