ManateeCountyCrash Report: 1 killed, 1 hospitalized in pickup truck crash

Crash Report – US 41, Manatee County, FL 


Report ID: 2022 Nov. 13

NCIC#: Unknown

OFFICER ID#: Unknown

Traffic Unit 1: Pickup truck

Traffic Unit 2: Pickup truck

Occupants: Three

Injuries/Fatalities: Yes

Vehicle Damage (If Any): Unknown

Property Damage (other than vehicles): Unknown

Road Surface Condition: Dry

Manner of Crash Impact (Single Vehicle, Angle, Left Turn, Rear-End, Head-On, Sideswipe, U-Turn, Other, Unknown): Unknown

Location of Pedestrian/Cyclist (If Any): N/A



Two pickup trucks crashed on US 41 on Nov. 13th, killing one and hospitalizing another. The person who died was a passenger and had first been hospitalized at Sarasota Memorial Hospital before passing. One of the drivers was also hospitalized. The other driver was sent to Manatee County Jail being intoxicated and driving with a suspended license. The hospitalized driver also faces pending charges. The Florida Highway Patrol remains in control of the investigation.

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